There’s nothing like camping out under the African stars, listening to the roars of lions in the night and then going in search of the BIG 5 first thing next morning.┬áKruger National Park, really gets under your skin.

~Utkarsh Choraria.

In the month of April 2013, I had the opportunity to visit Kruger National Park with some of the smartest people I know in my sub continent. Headed from Johannesburg with our wild life expert, Uncle William (I can still remember the way he used to spot an animal and say, “Oh my gooodness”), he said we are going to have an experience of a lifetime.

The animal kingdom of the Kruger National Park is so majestic and elegant that one can find only peace in the wild. Rich in habitat and great road connectivity within the forest without disturbing the animals, doesn’t only make Kruger as a great destination but as the dream destination for anyone who loves adventure.

It is a different feeling all together when you can smell the early morning dew from the leaves of the forest, feel the thirst when a herd of elephants are at the pond, get soaked in the happiness watching hippopotamus in the muddy water, experience the tension of the king lion approach, see a view from the point of a giraffe. It makes me spell bound when I am asked to share the experience of the game drives.

Wild Dogs

African Elephant Birde Giraffe Long roads Wild Dogs2 Zebra Bufallo Impala

These are a few pictures I clicked at the National Park!